In 1998, Rodney Reed was wrongly convicted of murder and since then has been on Death Row in Texas. Five days before his scheduled execution on November 20, 2019, Rodney received a 120-day commutation of execution as attempts to gain a retrial continue.

Peace and Freedom Party recently passed the following resolution regarding Rodney Reed’s sentence and incarceration; PFP encourages everyone to sign The Action Network’s online petition on the matter. Full text of the resolution runs directly below.

Whereas there is strong evidence that Rodney Reed is innocent of the crime of which he was convicted in Texas, we support Rodney Reed speedily being given a new trial where his defense lawyers will have an opportunity to present evidence on his behalf that the lawyers at his trial did not present.  The Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees Americans due process, and the Sixth Amendment guarantees a speedy and fair trial.

Whereas the Peace and Freedom Party opposes the death penalty, we support Rodney Reed being taken off death row.  The Eighth Amendment to the US Constitution prohibits excessive punishment.

And whereas, the Innocence Project is also involved in helping Rodney Reed,

Therefore, we support adding the petition at the Action Network website to the Peace and Freedom Party state website in which we encourage people to sign the Action Network's online petition urging the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, to commute Rodney Reed’s death sentence, to advocate for a new trial, and to recommend that Rodney Reed be allocated enough state money for him to be able to present a serious appeal.

The resolution being taken up, it was adopted unanimously.