A number of ballot propositions will be voted upon by Californians in the upcoming state election in November. The Peace & Freedom Party recommends the following for voting on these propositions. For a more detailed description of PFP’s stand on each of these props, please click on the header where applicable.

YES on Prop 1: Guarantee Reproductive Freedom
This was placed on the ballot by the legislature. It makes explicit the right to abortion and contraceptives in the California constitution. It does not include universal free healthcare, paid family leave and child care, which would give us real reproductive freedom. But still, this is a YES.

YES on Prop 26: Uphold Tribal Sovereignty
This is supported by almost all California tribes. It adds sports betting and table games to what is allowed at tribal casinos. We have supported similar measures in the past as part of tribal sovereignty, and continue our support with this one.

NO on Prop 27: Stop the Betting Company Scam
Don’t be fooled by the ads. They are bankrolled by out of state gambling corporations, who have been first skirting laws and then assimilating each state into their online sports betting networks. The funding for good causes they promise are minimal. Almost all of the money will leave California.

YES on Prop 28: Fund Art and Music in the Schools
This measure requires that the state government allocate a small percentage (about 0.5%) of the general fund to go toward arts programs in public schools. Music and art instruction help children learn in all areas. Wealthier families can afford to provide this outside of school. Let’s make it accessible to all.

YES on Prop 29: Make Healthcare Safer
Union-backed Proposition 29 w ould enact some long overdue safety and health improvements at dialysis clinics, and stop the clinic owners from hiding their ownership and dodging reasonable regulation. The owners of two chains of private dialysis clinics are spending tens of millions of dollars on false advertisements to defeat it, as they did on similar measures in 2018 and 2020.

NO on Prop 30 Reject Corporate Subsidies
This measure is funded by the rideshare company Lyft, which by state law must go electric and wants someone else to pay for it.

This is a tax increase on incomes over $2 million to fund subsidies for electric cars and charging stations. Although we favor taxing the rich, such revenue should not be used to subsidize private automobiles, even electric ones. Tax money should go into the general fund and be used to fund projects which benefit the most, like real environmental protection and restoration, universal healthcare, and better, cleaner public transportation.

YES on Prop 31: Let a Good Law Stand
In 2020, the Legislature outlawed most flavored tobacco products to stop the corporate effort to use them to addict children. The tobacco corporations then paid huge sums to qualify a referendum for the ballot and won a two-year delay of the law by doing so. Vote YES to uphold the law the legislature passed, and stop the sale of most flavored tobacco products in California.