The Peace and Freedom Party California State Central Committee voted to endorse three Green Party candidates for statewide office as part of a Left Unity slate. The candidates, Gary Blenner for Secretary of State, Dan Kapelovitz for Attorney General, and Laura Wells for Controller, are running in the June 2022 California primary.

At its August 8 meeting, the State Central Committee had already endorsed PFP members John Parker for US Senate, Meghann Adams for State Treasurer, and Nathalie Hrizi for Insurance Commissioner. All six candidates were endorsed by the Green Party in late October.

Although the Peace and Freedom Party and the Green Party have endorsed each other’s individual candidates in the past, this is the first effort at a unified slate. All six candidates have agreed to participate. Each party continues to maintain its own identity, structure, and platform.

“Our parties have differences in emphasis and somewhat different constituencies,” says PFP State Chair Kevin Akin, “but we have been working together in many areas and agree on so many issues that working together on some candidacies seemed a natural next step.” Both parties reject corporate money, and both criticize the Republicans and Democrats as dominated by their billionaire funders.

“With a united campaign, we can really make a difference for California's working people,” says Akin.

Both parties are working on a possible unified endorsement for Governor and Lieutenant Governor.