Proposition 29 would require a medical professional, specifically a physician, nurse practitioner or physician's assistant with relevant experience, to be present at dialysis clinics all times. Additionally, all dialysis clinics of which 5% or more are owned by any in-house physician would be required to disclose this information publicly.

 The healthcare unions that are backing Proposition 29 hope to enact some long-overdue safety and health improvements at the clinics while stopping clinic owners from hiding their ownership and dodging reasonable regulation. 

The backers will be immensely outspent by the two corporations that own most California private dialysis clinics (DaVita Inc. and Fresenius Medical Care), who are using their usual tactic against the proposition:  telling outrageous lies.  These companies claim Prop 29 will shut down clinics (it won't), and they claim it will reduce the level of care (in fact, it will improve the level of care). 

Sadly, lying in advertisements against propositions is perfectly legal in California, and the tactic worked in 2018 and 2020 on the same issue. This is an entirely good and entirely positive proposition, and it would pass if voters understood it. 

Fight against the lies. Vote YES on Proposition 29.

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