The Peace and Freedom Party has taken/will be taking positions for or against a number of bills in the 2021-2022 session of the California legislature; the party is also watching the progression of several other bills. Below run the PFP’s positions on this legislation. For the full text and more information on a bill, click on the given bill’s title.

Additionally, the PFP Legislative Committee sends letters to state senators and assemblypersons detailing the party's support of or opposition to each bill. Each position letter may be accessed individually via the links marked [Position letter] below or click here for a list of all PFP position letters. Last update: October 3, 2021.

• AB 20 – The Corporate Free Elections Act – SUPPORT
Would prohibit a candidate for elective office from receiving a contribution from a business entity, and a business entity from making a contribution to a candidate for elective office. [Position letter]

• AB 101 – High school education: Ethnic Studies – SUPPORT
Would add completion of a one-semester course in ethnic studies to the high school graduation requirements beginning in the 2026-27 school year. [Position letter]

• AB 118 – Emergency services: Community response grant program – SUPPORT
Would enact the Communit Respnse Initiative to Strengthen Emergency Systems (C.R.I.S.E.S.) Act and thereby implement the 3-year C.R.I.S.E.S. Grant Pilot Program. [Position letter]

• AB 386 – Public Employees’ Retirement Funds: Confidentiality of investments – OPPOSE
Would exempt certain records regarding an internally managed private loan made directly by the Public Employees’ Retirement Fund from public disclosure. [Position letter]

• AB 446 – Elections: Political party qualifications – OPPOSE (unless amended)
Would change certain requirements for the creation of new political parties in California, as well as those pertaining to continued ballot access. [Position letter]

• AB 1400 – Guaranteed Healthcare for All – SUPPORT
Would create the California Guaranteed Health Care for All program (commonly known as “CalCare”) to provide comprehensive universal single-payer healthcare coverage and controls on healthcare costs. [Position letter]

• SB 2 – Vote-by-mail ballots – SUPPORT
Would eliminate certain immunity provisions for peace offices; prohibit the convicted of felony from becoming peace officers; expand access to information by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training. [Position letter] [Letter to governor]

• SB 29 – Vote-by-mail ballots – SUPPORT
Would extend mail-in ballot laws put into place for the November 2020 general election to all elections held before in 2021. [Position letter]

• SB 286 – Elections: County officers – OPPOSE
Would extend the “Top Two” election law for state elections to certain county and city elections. [Position letter]


• AB 15 (Chiu) – COVID-19 relief: Tenant Stabilization Act of 2021 (in Assembly Housing Committee, no hearing scheduled).

• AB 16 (Chiu) – The COVID-19 Tenant, Small Landlord, and Affordable Housing Provider Stabilization Act of 2021 (in Assembly Housing Committee, no hearing scheduled).

• AB 37 (Berman) – Elections: Vote by mail ballots. Would provide vote-by-mail ballots to all active registered voters for all elections permanently (in Assembly Housing Committee, no hearing scheduled).

• AB 40 (Lorena Gonzalez) – Elections: Slate mailers. Would require more information about producers, payments for appearance to be printed on slate mailers (in Assembly Housing Committee, no hearing scheduled).

• AB 53 (Low) – Election Day Holiday. Wuold make November general election dates a holiday for public schools, community colleges and most state offices (in Assembly Housing Committee, no hearing scheduled).

• AB 236 (Berman)— Campaign disclosure: Limited liability companies. Would regulate disclosures of campaign contributions by LLCs (last amended 3/10; in Assembly Housing Committee, no hearing scheduled).

• AB 1040 (Muratsuchi) – Community colleges: Ethnic studies. Would require community colleges to offer ethnic studies courses satisfying CSU requirements starting in school year 2022-23 (in Assembly Higher Education Committee, no hearing scheduled).

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In California, voter registration is very important to political parties. The very existence of a political party as “ballot-qualified” is determined by the number of votes its statewide candidates receive or by the number of voters registered with the party. As the only feminist socialist political party on the California ballot, it is imperative that the Peace and Freedom Party continues as a qualified party.

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