On Monday, November 15, Peace and Freedom members joined a Palestinian Rights informational vigil at a new Raley’s supermarket in Sacramento to encourage shoppers to not buy any Pillsbury products. The photo shows blue-masked Debra and John Reiger, active PFP members.

This is a statement released by the organizing group:

Boycott Pillsbury Products because the company has a factory operating in the Atarot Industrial Zone, an illegal Israeli settlement. For this reason, Pillsbury’s parent company General Mills has been identified by the UN as a company that is illegally exploiting natural resources in occupied territory. Pillsbury’s activities are against international law and contribute to the theft of Palestinian land and resources!

This holiday season boycott Pillsbury products! Together let’s put pressure on the company until it closes its factory in Atarot and leaves the illegal settlements.

Even the Pillsbury family is asking us all to boycott Pillsbury!