With a unanimous vote of all available members, the Peace & Freedom Party Sonoma County Central Committee has declared its opposition to the recall election of our county's District Attorney, Jill Ravitch. While we have had our differences with Ravitch over her failure to prosecute deputy sheriff Erick Gelhaus for the wanton and unjustified murder of Andy Lopez on Moorland Avenue in rural Santa Rosa, the recall is a separate question.

As a 53-year-old political and civil rights organization, Sonoma PFP has always stood for community control of policing and for the rights of all people to be free from fear of police violence.

We also believe Jill Ravitch should not be recalled by a disgruntled right-wing businessman who was subject to prosecution in the Sonoma courts. Further, locally we are on record as standing against the statewide recall of Gavin Newsom, which is also opposed by the Peace & Freedom Party State Central Committee.

Peace & Freedom Party’s Sonoma chapter can be contacted by mail via Peace & Freedom Party, PO Box 154, Cotati, CA 94931 or by email at peaceandfreedom_party -at- hotmail.com.



The following is reprinted from Liberation News with permission.

Around 30 community members rallied at El Cajon’s Wells Park in the early afternoon of June 6 for the campaign launch of José Cortes for Congress in California’s 50th District (representing east San Diego County). Speakers included local community organizers and Cortes himself, who acknowledged a long list of systemic social and economic issues facing the people of the 50th district and the working class more generally.

Cortes is a proud Latino and member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL). Since joining the PSL, Cortes has led local actions and initiatives against racist police terror and discrimination based on immigration status. He has been on the front lines of class struggle for several years and also ran for election to the U.S. House of Representatives in the last election cycle.

Though he entered the 2020 race late, Cortes was able to garner more votes than any other independent or “third party” candidate. However, only right-wing Democrat Ammar Campa-Najjar and now Republican incumbent Darrell Issa advanced past the primary due to California’s “top-two” rule.

In a June 4 interview about the campaign launch with Sean Blackmon and Jacquie Luqman of By Any Means Necessary on Radio Sputnik (click here for the BAMN podcast website; the segment on José’s campaign begins at about 28:20), Cortes noted that “The only way we are going to get any attention to our campaign is not through the traditional bourgeois paths for Democrat or Republican candidates. The only thing that will give us our edge is the kind of mobilization we can do in our communities where we have been building power over the years.”

Community organizing for pro-working class reforms has accelerated in the face of outright neglect by Democrat and Republican officials throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Working class and oppressed people of San Diego have repeatedly taken to the streets in the past year to protest police terror and demand basic human rights such as housing, healthcare, utilities and quality public education. Inaction by government officials is leaving many in our communities to look towards a working class platform like Cortes’s: One that is dedicated to fighting for socialist revolution.

“We have high hopes this time around as a result of the mass shift in consciousness from the failure of the government at all levels to provide adequate healthcare or financial security, and even more so due to the 35-plus million people who took the streets last year to stand for Black Liberation and the hundreds of thousands of people who took the streets in solidarity with Palestine last month,” campaign volunteer Emily Von Gerichten told the crowd at Wells Park.

She continued, “Our campaign thinks that only with socialism, which is when the working class seizes economic and political power, can the crises facing San Diego, the U.S. and the world be solved.”

“It was when I met the Peace and Freedom Party and the PSL that I actually saw that change was something that was within our grasp, that it was something that we could actually access, that we could build movements capable of defending our human dignity and actually pronouncing it to the world rather than hoping a piece of paper will do for us,” Cortes said to his supporters in El Cajon.

–written by Carter Lum; photo by Zach Farber

Follow José’s campaign for U.S. Congress on Facebook and Twitter (@Cortes4Congress on both platforms) for updates.

On Saturday March 13, the California State Central Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party voted to oppose the recall against Governor Gavin Newsom. State Chair Kevin Akin issued this statement.

The Peace and Freedom Party opposes the recall of Governor Newsom, not because we support Newsom personally or politically, but because the recall is based on a litany of falsehoods and represents an attempt by the far right to seize power in California. The proponents of the recall accuse Newsom of being more pro-immigrant than he is, of being more pro-worker than he is, of being more of an environmentalist than he is, and use those exaggerations to demand his removal.

The Peace and Freedom Party is genuinely pro-immigrant, pro-worker, pro-environmentalist, and anti-racist. We ran a candidate against Newsom in the 2018 election and will continue to run candidates for governor and other offices in the future. However, we cannot support this attempt from the far right to use a hoped-for low-turnout election to remove the governor for taking even baby steps in our direction. Instead, we will continue to push for California’s elected officials, from top to bottom, to respond to the interests and just demands of working people, the exploited and the oppressed.


Since 1968, the Peace & Freedom Party has enjoyed ballot access in local and national elections in California and other states. Below runs a list of our Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates in these elections. 

Year Presidential Candidate VP Candidate Votes %age
1968 (None)1 Peggy Terry2 27,707  
1972 Benjamin Spock Julius Hobson 55,167 0.66%
1976 Margaret Wright Benjamin Spock 41,731 0.50%
1980 Maureen Smith Elizabeth Barron 18,116 0.20%
1984 Sonya Johnson Emma Wong Mar 26,297 0.30%
1988 (None)3 (None)3    
1992 Ron Daniels Asiba Tupahache 18,597 0.20%
1996 Marsha Feinland Kate McClatchy 25,332 0.25%
2000 (None)4 (None)4    
2004 Leonard Peltier Janice Jordan 27,607 0.20%
2008 Ralph Nader Matt Gonzalez 108,381 0.80%
2012 Roseanne Barr Cindy Sheehan 53,824 0.4%
2016 Gloria LaRiva Dennis Banks 66,101 0.5%
2020 Gloria LaRiva Sunil Freeman 51,037 0.29%

With the special election in the 30th State Senatorial District concluding on Tuesday, the campaign of Peace & Freedom Party candidate Ernesto Huerta is ramping up. Campaign volunteers are calling and texting voters, participating in caravan rallies, and placing signs at houses and apartments around Los Angeles County’s 30th State Senate District in the last stage of the campaign. 

While early voting is already happening, the election concludes on Tuesday March 2nd.  

Ernesto Huerta is the PFP’s candidate in the special election, in his campaign proposing socialist solutions to the problems inflicted upon the people by the billionaire class. Ernesto has spoken at campaign forums, has participated in online events, and has interacted at non-partisan political sites: This very active campaign is using every means available to reach voters during the pandemic.

Ernesto was pleased with his reception at a forum sponsored by Culver City High School students. A group of volunteers is currently texting young voters in the district and is getting good response.

A group of canvassers, carefully masked, has been focusing their attention on South Los Angeles.  Ernesto reports that “These canvassers have had great success in getting ordinary people to pledge their vote for me. Almost everyone we talked to has been extremely receptive to our five-point program and socialism in general. We are very open about being a socialist campaign and it has really worked in our favor. People were really excited to have the opportunity to vote socialist.”

Ernesto Huerta has declared his candidacy in the March 2nd special election for State Senator in the 30th District, and the Peace and Freedom Party has endorsed him. The pandemic and the current economic disaster show how the two parties of the billionaires have left the working class in the lurch, failing us on nearly every issue. The Republicans have been quite justly criticized for their terrible leadership at the national level, but in California the Democrats are firmly in charge, and they too have failed to do what is needed.

Ernesto says “As California becomes the epicenter of a worldwide pandemic, it is clear that the state’s Democratic controlled legislature has failed to meet the needs of the people and prevent mass unemployment, a deadly health crisis, and a looming eviction crisis. We are running a third party socialist campaign to challenge the Democratic Party’s incompetence in California and their complete disregard for the working class throughout this pandemic. At a time of extreme need, California deserves a champion who is willing to fight for people-centered policies like Medicare for All, reparations, and the cancellation of rent and mortgages.”

Ernesto Huerta is running to push for socialist solutions to the problems inflicted upon us by the billionaires and their politicians. The 30th District includes most of downtown Los Angeles, South Los Angeles, Culver City, a portion of Inglewood, and Ladera Heights. The special election on March 2nd will fill the seat vacated when the previous senator was elected as a county supervisor.

Our election systems give a guise of democracy but bipartisan election laws, huge amounts of private money, and the corporate media deny representation for a great many of us. The President is not elected by the people of this country. Instead, the president is selected by a majority of an Electoral College which is tilted to favor states which have much smaller numbers of people where each elector represents fewer people.

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In California, voter registration is very important to political parties. The very existence of a political party as “ballot-qualified” is determined by the number of votes its statewide candidates receive or by the number of voters registered with the party. As the only feminist socialist political party on the California ballot, it is imperative that the Peace and Freedom Party continues as a qualified party.

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