Every two years the Registrars of Voters and county clerks conduct mock elections in some California high schools. As you may recall, Peace and Freedom Party candidates usually come in second or third. This year proved no exception.

Statewide races in which the mock elections were held were for Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney General – and at 17 Sacramento high schools, the PFP-endorsed Left Unity Slate candidates performed extremely well. The results of the top three finishers in each race follow.


  • Gavin Newsom (D) – 1,541
  • Luis Javier Rodriguez (G) – 1,003 
  • Joel Ventresca (D) – 655 

Secretary of State

  • Shirley N. Weber (D) – 2,424
  • Gary N. Blenner (G) – 1,114
  • Matthew D. Cinquanta (no pref.) – 605

Attorney General

  • Rob Bonta (D) – 2,008
  • Anne Marie Schubert (no pref.) – 1,327
  • Dan Kapelovitz (G) – 883

If the voters in California were to vote like the students in Sacramento County, two Left Unity candidates would be on the general election ballot. Unfortunately, it seems that as people age, many tend to become more pragmatic when it comes to our legally rigged election system.

– written by C.T. Weber