I am deeply saddened to report that Jordan Mills passed away from natural causes on June 14 at the age of 52. He had served as a member of the Peace & Freedom Party State Central Committee since 2016, and ran as our Congressional candidate in the 49th district in 2018.

Jordan was a skilled debater, having begun in high school and eventually making a career as not only a debate professor but as captain of the Southwestern College policy debate team; under his tenure, the team saw victory after victory and became one of the top college debate teams in the entire country. He put his rhetorical skills to great use on the campaign trail, holding his own in debates and forums against the unusually large field of candidates in Election 2018. (video of one such debate may be seen here.)

I first met Jordan in late 2012 when he attended an event being held by the San Diego branch of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, of which I am also a member. He joined the PSL shortly afterwards, following two of his former debate students, and went on to bring countless more students into the struggle for global justice. He was a fixture at local and national demonstrations, never missing a march or rally.

Jordan was an active member of the Peace & Freedom Party San Diego County Central Committee, helping to build the Party on a local level and ensure our visibility in spaces that try to shut out anyone who isn't part of the two capitalist parties.

Though he stepped away from an active organizing role last year, I know Jordan was always firmly committed to fighting for the needs of the working class and opposing U.S. imperialism wherever it reared its ugly head, and to ensuring the next generation had the consciousness and the skills to fight for a better future. I have had the unfortunate duty of notifying many people of his tragic passing, and everyone I've spoken to has talked about how much he taught them in so many ways.

Jordan will be remembered for his quick wit and devilish sense of humor, his commitment to the struggle, his love of music, his bottomless generosity, the invaluable mentoring he provided to so many people from so many walks of life, and his deep love for his friends and family. He was truly one of a kind and he will be deeply, sorely missed.

– written by Eric McGill